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Our Team

Linnet Taylor

Associate Professor of Data Ethics, Law, and Policy at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)

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Aaron Martin

Aaron is a Postdoctoral Researcher at TILT, where he focuses on humanitarian data topics within the Global Data Justice project.

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Siddharth Peter de Souza

Siddharth is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Global Data Justice project and is interested in the role data plays at the intersection of law and development

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Shazade Jameson

Shaz is a social science researcher specializing in digital governance and smart urbanism, and a PhD Researcher on the Global Data Justice project. 

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Hellen Mukiri-Smith

Hellen is a PhD Researcher on the Global Data Justice project. 

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Joan López

Joan is a researcher and policy officer on the Global Data Justice project.

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project associates

Kevin P. Donovan

Kevin is anthropologist and historian of East Africa. His primary focus is how sovereignty and value were reformulated.

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Boudewijn van Eerd

Boudewijn van Eerd is a Technology Policy Consultant at AWO, a new data rights agency providing legal, consultancy and public policy services to international organisations, governments, companies, charities, universities, think tanks & individuals.

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Ana-Maria Hriscu

Ana is a PhD candidate at the Tilburg Law School. She previously worked as a junior researcher on the Global Justice project.

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Tjaša Petročnik

Tjaša is now a PhD candidate at the Tilburg Law School. Prior to her law course, Tjaša worked in EU public affairs both in Brussels and Ljubljana for five years.

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Ouejdane Sabbah

Ouejdane holds a research master’s in New Media and Digital Culture from the University of Amsterdam and is currently a research fellow at the MGK at the University of Siegen and a part-time lecturer at the University of Amsterdam.

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Laura Savolainen

Laura is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the Consumer Society Research Centre (KTK), University of Helsinki, where she works as a part of the Data, Self and Society research group. 

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Gargi Sharma

Until 2021, Gargi was a researcher and policy officer in the Global Data Justice project at TILT.

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Franklyn Ohai

Until 2022, Franklyn was a Student Assistant on the Global Data Justice project. 

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Veronica Mery

Between September and December 2022, she will be visiting TILT for research on her project entitled “Towards a Just Constitutional Framework for the Digital Society: The Case of the Chilean Constitution of 2022”.

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About the project

Places and populations that were previously digitally invisible are now part of a ‘data revolution’ that is being hailed as a transformative tool for human and economic development. Yet this unprecedented expansion of the power to digitally monitor, sort, and intervene is not well connected to the idea of social justice, nor is there a clear concept of how broader access to the benefits of data technologies can be achieved without amplifying misrepresentation, discrimination, and power asymmetries.

We therefore need a new framework for data justice integrating data privacy, non-discrimination, and non-use of data technologies into the same framework as positive freedoms such as representation and access to data. This project will research the lived experience of data technologies in high- and low-income countries worldwide, seeking to understand people’s basic needs with regard to these technologies. We will also seek the perspectives of civil society organisations, technology companies, and policymakers.