This week on Resist and Reboot, we talk to Lucie Krahulcova of Digital Rights Watch Australia about digital rights campaigning during the pandemic. Lucie shares how her organisation has built a digital rights community at the local level and why focusing on locally-initiated change is the most strategic option for them.

Similar to our discussion with Tactical Tech, Digital Rights Watch Australia focuses on connecting with people in their local community and increasing awareness of digital rights. The organisation also contributes to local and international policy by making timely interventions.

Lucie discusses the Digital Rights Cities project to incorporate digital rights principles into local governance, the work they are doing on policing in times of COVID-19 as well as their work on rebalancing the digital economy. We also talk about the recent Big Tech v. Big Journalism row in Australia and Lucie updates us on the review of the Australian privacy law.

Listen now to learn how Digital Rights Watch Australia is connecting to a range of community members despite on-and-off lockdowns, and how their work is an excellent example of grassroots digital rights action.