In this episode we talk to Shubha Kayastha, the Co-Founder of Body & Data, a Nepal based organisation that works to provide an understanding of digital rights among women, queer people and disabled people. Their work seeks to build a just and safe digital space through knowledge building, information dissemination and movement building.

In this episode, we speak about the importance of storytelling in building communities and collectives around digital rights and the ways in which understandings can be built in contextually relevant ways. We explore the challenges of working at the interface of gender and technology, and in particular the implications that this has both within the digital rights field and beyond. Shubha discusses projects of Body & Data including a recent publication titled Beyond Access, which explores how women and queer people with disabilities express themselves and their sexuality online.

Body & Data has mapped laws related to online gender-based violence in Nepal. You can see the infographic in English and Nepali here. You can learn more about Body & Data and their publications and projects here.