Our New Web Tracking Project

By The GDJ Team

We’re doing some web tracking research. We’ll be writing a bit over the coming months about why this is important, but here’s the gist of it: we live inside a gigantic, worldwide data market where details of everyone’s online behaviour are sold and traded every second, but we don’t really... [Read More]

German Competition Authority Goes After Facebook for Tracking Its Users Outside the Social Network

By Tjaša Petročnik

When it comes to the governance and regulation of data markets and technologies, there are multiple regulatory regimes that can and do come into play. In the digital economy, rather than just being a by-product of using online services, (personal) data frequently acts as a currency and can also be... [Read More]

The Humanitarian-Intelligence Nexus

By Aaron Martin and Linnet Taylor with contributions from Fieke Jansen and Lorenzo Dalla Corte

This morning we woke up to surprising — and indeed somewhat shocking — news that the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) has announced a five-year ‘partnership’ with the technology company Palantir. While many of the specific details are as yet still unknown, we are able to glean the following facts... [Read More]

Personal Data for Security in Kenya

By Hellen Mukiri-Smith

Even with increased surveillance of populations through use of new technologies, some panoptic features of surveillance remain. In Kenya, physical and spatial surveillance carried out from a single or central point aimed at ‘self-disciplining of watched subjects,’ to influence their behaviour, to make them docile, remains very much a reality.... [Read More]