Tackling Data Collection Practices in the Digital Economy — An update on the German case against Facebook

By Tjaša Petročnik

Digital traces left behind our internet use offer a detailed insight into our preferences and identity. These data are collected by companies in a manner often invisible to users and the profiles created based on them can be useful to advertisers, to serve us more targeted ads, for example. The... [Read More]

Biometric Ultimata — what the Yemen conflict can tell us about the politics of digital ID systems

By Aaron Martin and Linnet Taylor

As part of our research on the Global Data Justice project, we are investigating how actors in the humanitarian sector are embracing new technologies and how digital innovation is changing humanitarian values. It is an exciting time for the sector as it incorporates new technologies into its operations, including drones,... [Read More]

Our New Web Tracking Project

By The GDJ Team

We’re doing some web tracking research. We’ll be writing a bit over the coming months about why this is important, but here’s the gist of it: we live inside a gigantic, worldwide data market where details of everyone’s online behaviour are sold and traded every second, but we don’t really... [Read More]