What SyRI can teach us about technical solutions for societal challenges

Marijke Roosen

Influential intellectual Harari is warning that technological revolutions pose unseen challenges to our societies, arguing that these will impact amongst other things our conception of democracy. Technology makes it easier to control and monitor citizens and in doing this consolidate power to the powerful. Algorithms perform better the more you... [Read More]
Tags: SyRI AI welfare law

Adjudicating Data Justice

Linnet Taylor, Aaron Martin, and Sascha van Schendel with contributions from Aviva de Groot

In the span of less than a week, two important judicial decisions in Kenya and the Netherlands have demonstrated why a data justice framing is useful for analysing problems of technology in society. These two cases have kindled debates not just about data protection but also about technology’s mediating role... [Read More]

Tackling Data Collection Practices in the Digital Economy — An update on the German case against Facebook

By Tjaša Petročnik

Digital traces left behind our internet use offer a detailed insight into our preferences and identity. These data are collected by companies in a manner often invisible to users and the profiles created based on them can be useful to advertisers, to serve us more targeted ads, for example. The... [Read More]